Monday, February 28, 2011

Ombre Rose Exception Womens Perfume

A limited edition Ombre Rose is now available in every online stores especially at Maison Parfum 

This perfume has an initial flowery, sweet tones of iris, lily of the valley, ylang-ylang and honey, give way to the suave warmth of peach, sandalwood and musk. The first whiff of the powdery, sensual combination, immediately charms with its subtle, original presence. Ombre Rose pleases all women who subscribe to a lifestyle in which refinement and classic elegance compete with a very personal brand of charm.
Ombre Rose is packaged in a precious ''Art-Deco'' bottles decorated with a design of oriental inspiration in relief.

Olfactory Family: Oriental - Floral.

These are the notes that this perfume has:

Top Notes: rosewood, honey, ylang- ylang and peach.
Heart Notes: rose, lily of the valley and iris.
Base Notes: musk coumarin, vanilla and sandalwood.

What a lovely fragrance that women can use today. I know some of the women who have use this fragrance would continue to use because of sweet scent that this perfume has especially when you are with your partner it build a strong and long lasting relationship.


  1. It is important that you use a perfume that completes your natural scent. If you use you a perfume that opposes your scent, it does not matter whether it is a fabulous fragrance for women, it will smell odd.