Thursday, September 30, 2010

CARON Extraordinary Creations in Paris

The house of CARON opened its doors at number 10 rue de la Paix in 1904, under the guidance of a visionary man - Ernest Daltroff. This incredibly talented man, was gifted with an unique understanding of perfume. Never formally trained, he brought the house of CARON to the height of society in France and all over the world. His extraordinary creations were certainly influenced by his muse and secret love Felicie Wanpouille.

Attentive to changing times, CARON has been able to mark each period of the 20th century with perfume creations adapted to honour major events. These include N’AIMEZ QUE MOI (1916), the favourite of soldiers, who offered it to their sweethearts as an ardent forget-me not, TABAC BLOND a tribute to the changing ways in which women were able conduct themselves and EN AVION which would mark the first exploits of female aviators. From the outset these exceptional creations were given wonderful names that would remain forever in the world of perfume.

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