Thursday, September 30, 2010

Creed Fragrance Two Hundred Years of Excellence

These days, when the perfume industry is increasingly dominated by heavily advertised international brands, it comes as a refreshing surprise to discover that there still exists a discreet family-owned perfume house dedicated to the creation of highly original fragrances of extravagant quality. Operating from it's luxuriously appointed boutique in Paris' 8th arrondissement, the House of Creed has been for many years one of the best kept secrets of the perfume world, patronised by the seriously rich, chic and famous. From Heads of State to celebrities from the film and music industries, Creed’s client list reads like an international Who’s Who. Over the years the Creed family has produced over two hundred perfumes, all original and hand-made, often creating fragrances for the exclusive use of their wealthiest customers.

The House of Creed was founded in 1760 when James Henry Creed opened his first shop in London. It rapidly became a favourite of the aristocracy and soon Queen Victoria appointed Creed as an official supplier to the Royal household. Eventually Creed was adopted by all the courts of Europe: Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie of France, Franz-Joseph and Elizabeth of Austro-Hungary and Queen Christina of Spain. In 1854, under the patronage of Empress Eugenie, the House of Creed moved to Paris where it established a firm reputation for the rare beauty, quality and exclusivity of its fragrances.

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