Friday, September 24, 2010

Ed Hardy Perfume Review and Comments

Checking some adventurous fragrance and found out some interesting topic for the day. Ed Hardy Perfume is not quite known to the people around the world. This fragrance has a flowery design and use by most women. It compose different type of perfume like strawberry, freesia, mango, grapefruit, muguet, and tonka bean.

Some article had posted some study that  "Ed Hardy is unique - one of a kind. Just as his breathtaking designs have spurred the imagination of many, his perfumes captivate and charm. An artist whose palette was the human body, Ed Hardy pioneered 'the pop culture as an art movement' in San Francisco. A student at the San Francisco Art Institute, Hardy later studied traditional Japanese tattoo art and developed his strangely beautiful and unique designs, incorporating Japanese aesthetic techniques. Tattoo devotees would wait patiently for months to have the High Priest of this skin art work his magic on their backs, shoulders, and chests. The body, a human canvas, was transformed with elaborate floral designs, banners and skulls, snarling tigers, brilliantly colored and intricately detailed dragons and snakes. Among the hip, an Ed Hardy tattoo became instantly recognizable and envied."

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